Saturday, November 6, 2010

PonyTail Streamers

These are 2 PonyTail Streamers I made for a friend of mine. Her daughters are in ballet and are also going to be going to see Disney's new movie: Tangled, so she wanted her streamers in pink and black to match their ballet outfits but also extra long to be as if they had long hair like Rapunzel! How fun and cute!!!!

These Streamers are made using ribbon colors of black, pink and baby pink in widths of 7/8"-3/8". The one on the Left is 14" long and the one on the Right is 12" long. Usually I make Streamers in 3 lengths: 7", 9" and 11", but these particular streamers were a custom order. If you are interested in a longer length, please e-mail with your order at: and be sure to let me know how long you'd like them. I tell my customers to measure from the top of the ponytail down to see what the desired length is.

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